Be sure to save the created password with a letter memo

With this alone, you do not have to reuse passwords, you can use different passwords for each service, and you do not have to remember each password individually. Isn’t this good?

However, even if you thoroughly enforce the rules and create a recommended password, people still forget.

Therefore, be sure to write down the password by handwriting. It’s not a smartphone memo pad. It is a handwritten memo of actual paper and pen.

Passwords to avoid

No matter how much you create a recommended password, you can reuse it, or if a password that is easily guessed by a hacker, a disaster will come.

* Even though it is a recommended and safe password, there is no password that cannot be broken. The only characters that can be used for passwords on the Internet are numbers, alphabets, and special symbols, and they will eventually be broken by a brute force attack by a program. (Each service implements various security measures, image authentication / two-step authentication, etc. so that this attack will not be broken. Countermeasures are being implemented even on the login screen of my blog.)

However, to make it as secure as possible, never use the following passwords.

Password anyone can think of

This “password group that anyone can think of” is always the most used throughout the times. In other words, the order of numbers / alphabetically, the order of keyboard layout, and regular repetition.