How to create a recommended password? Safety is important.

“Basic type” and two rules are OK

Is there a recommended password that can be surely remembered and is highly secure without having to reuse it?

The method of determining the recommended password is as follows.

* The following method can also be applied to how to create an email address and user ID.

As shown below, first create a “basic type” and change it with two or more rules.

● Basic type of recommended password
= [Part of service name] + [your name]

Change this basic type according to the following two rules. (It is recommended that you use words or names that are familiar to you rather than yourself, which is more secure than familiar ones. For example, if you like Shingen Takeda, use takeda for [your name]. .)

● Two rules for creating a recommended password

Rule 1. Change part of the name
Rule 2. Put a special symbol (&% $ # etc.) in a specific place. However, if the service cannot use special symbols, use numbers.