If you write a sentence well, the search ranking will go up.

If you write a sentence well, the search ranking will go up.What is the relationship between SEO and the number of characters?

What pages does a search engine place on top?

Search engines display high quality pages at the top of the ranking
Before thinking about why a page with a large number of characters tends to get high rankings in search, let’s check what kind of pages Yahoo!

Search engines basically display high quality pages at the top of search results.

However, this is too vague to understand.

What kind of page is a high quality page?

A high-quality page is a page that can solve the questions of search users.

A page with high quality can solve the questions of search users

In conclusion, a high-quality page is a page that presents the information that search users want to know in an easy-to-understand and accurate manner.

Search users search for the information they want to know and enter keywords in search engines such as Yahoo! and Google.

So to speak, keyword search is like asking a question to a search engine.

On the other hand, the search engine judges from the entered keywords that “this search user should want to know this information” and displays all the pages that answer the questions in the search results. I will.

In other words, the question, answer, and Q & A are established between the search user and the search engine.

And a high quality page is one that contains information that fits well with the search user’s questions and meets their needs.
Search engines judge quality by sentences

Search engines rely on crawler information to create search results

So how does Google determine the quality of a page?

In fact, search engines rely mostly on text to determine the quality of their content.

Search engines dispatch computer programs called crawlers to each website to read information.

The crawler takes the information back to the database of the search engine headquarters and organizes and registers it. This process is called indexing.

When a search user searches for the keyword A, Google pulls out pages from the huge amount of indexed data that are likely to satisfy the user’s needs because they are related to keyword A and are arranged in order from the top. That’s why.

The search engine works in this way.