What are the communication speed units “Kbps” and “Mbps”?

The communication speed of the Internet is expressed in units called “bps”, and the larger the value, the faster the communication speed.

“Bps” is an abbreviation for “Bit per second” and represents how many bits of data can be transferred per second. “1,000bps” = “1Kbps (Kirobipies)”, “1,000Kbps” = “1Mbps (Mega BPS)”. Also, since 8bit = 1Byte (byte), for example, “8Mbps” means that approximately 1MB (megabyte) of communication is possible per second.

Downlink speed is important for communication speed

The speed of the communication line has a down speed and an up speed.

Download speed is the download speed, which is the speed at which you browse websites, watch Twitter, and download apps and music.

The upload speed is the opposite, upload.

This is the speed when sending an email, LINE, or posting a blog.

Basically, when you sign up for a smartphone or a cheap SIM, the down speed is more important than the up usage, so the down speed is important.

Communication speeds such as Kbps and Mbps are used for both downlink speed and uplink speed.

For example, YouTube says that you can watch videos normally if the communication speed is about 1 Mbps, and that you can watch videos at 900 Kbps for Amazon Prime.

Both of these communication speeds are downlink speeds.

If you mistake it for the ascent speed, it may occasionally fail if you cannot use it, so please be careful.

Except for people who send large amount of mail or upload large files frequently, basically prioritize how fast the download speed is.