What is the optimum number of characters for a blog article?

How long is the number of characters in a blog article?

Now, the problem of the number of characters in blog articles.

How many characters are the optimal solutions?

I always write about 1000 to 2000 characters per article on this blog.

I’m writing with a feeling of comfort that I think it should be over 1000 characters.

But what I really think is that there are not enough characters, and I have to write more.

For SEO, I think that I have to write a little more.

However, I haven’t written any more, and it’s currently in the 1000-2000 character range.

Recently I have not considered SEO at all, so I think that the number of characters should exceed 1000 characters for the time being.

The number of characters of articles viewed in the search top

I can’t say it unconditionally, but I think that it is a long sentence when it comes to high-ranking searches.

Headings that have been subdivided from the long introduction.

There are many sentences at the top of the search that are long enough to read without a table of contents.

In fact, I think I’m writing what’s inside, but the problem is that it takes a long time to get to what you want to know.

I can’t write it more simply and concisely! It’s tempting to say, but that’s something that’s only possible with SEO-conscious sentences.

Google should also think of sentences that are useful but not very user friendly.